CenterLink Strategies LLC

Providing expert customer service to patients on behalf of our clients since 2018. Our team serves as a result-driven extension to your operation.

CenterLink Strategies LLC operates as a call center. We provide outstanding customer service to patients on behalf of our clients. Our staff has achieved results exceeding our clients’ expectations consistently. All of our work is done within our clients’ own software environment. As a result, we are truly an extension of your operation!

Centerlink Strategies LLC - Your partner in Customer Service

Inbound Patient Calls

We partner with you in customer service

We serve as your partner in Customer Service. We answer inbound calls from patients to learn about and address their needs. Calls can consist of a patient wanting to make a payment and/or to set up payment arrangements, discuss insurance questions, billing discrepancies, and financial assistance options.

Active Listening

Respectful active listening

We always engage in respectful active listening with callers. Confirming or clarifying information for patients helps diffuse any frustration so that the caller feels heard and they can then focus on resolution. Successful interactions for the caller mean results for our Clients.

Outbound Calls

we offer outbound patient calls

Outbound calls are also made to patients to discuss solutions for balances due. In these cases, accounts must meet a specific criteria to qualify for an outbound call. Each account will receive 2 outbound calls from one of our team members as well as any additional follow up needed following those conversations.


we process patient payments for you

We process patient payments that are required prior to services for elective surgery center procedures. We collaborate with Surgery center and patients to ensure the highest level of pre-op customer service.

Your Partner

we exceed call center metrics

We understand and are always striving to exceed call center metrics while also providing excellent customer service. Our team utilizes software, databases, scripts, and tools appropriately.

Proven Success

we help you recover your lost revenue

We partner with you to ensure you have the resources you need to continue offering excellent care for your patients. We are professionals who support our Clients by recovering otherwise lost revenue.

Centerlink Strategies LLC - Your partner in Customer Service